3 Ways Rolled Rings are Used in the Aviation Industry

Rolled Ringd

Rolled Ringd

Rolled rings are a crucial part of so many industries, including the aviation industry. Seamless rolled rings are donut-shaped pieces of metal that are used for everything from bearings to flanges. In the aviation industry, seamless rolled rings must be manufactured to precise specs in order to do their job, which makes them even more important. Here are some of the ways that seamless rolled rings are used in the aviation industry.


One thing that makes seamless rolled rings special is the fact that they’re so strong. Cast and welded parts are commonly used in several industries, but these parts are weaker than seamless rolled rings because of the way they are manufactured. Because seamless rolled rings are made from one piece of metal, they’re stronger than metal rings that were cast or welded together, in addition to being lighter.


The manufacturing process of seamless rolled rings also allows them to be manufactured to precise specs. This is important for things like bearings, clutches, and gears, and it’s one of the main reasons seamless rolled rings are used in so many industries. The aviation industry is especially known for being about precision, and the strength of these combined with their potential for precision makes them a major part of aircraft manufacturing. 

1. Gearboxes
Seamless rolled rings are an essential part of any gearbox, which is one way they’re used in the aviation industry. Helicopter gearboxes play a crucial role in keeping helicopters operating, and ensuring the safety of the pilot and passengers, which is why precisely manufactured seamless rolled rings are a key component.

2. Jet Engines
Just like a car engine, a jet engine also uses them for gearing and other purposes. The difference is that precision is more important in aviation than perhaps any other industry; any slight manufacturing error could lead to engine failure that necessitates a dangerous landing. Seamless rolled rings help prevent these mishaps because they can easily be manufactured to precise specifications.

3. Gears and Other Parts
Everything inside a jet or helicopter has to be precise to avoid mechanical failure. The problem is jet engines and helicopter gearboxes have a lot of stress on them due to the work they have to do. Seamless rolled rings are both stronger and lighter than cast or welded parts, which means little parts like gears and bearings can be made with seamless rolled rings to optimize performance. Every good aircraft was made using plenty of rolled rings.

Jet Engine

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