Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) Machined Parts

Vertical turning lathes are commonly referred to as vertical turret lathes or VTLs. With VTLs, gravity assists with removing chips and keeping the workpiece clean. The benefits of using a vertical lathe over a horizontal lathe include the ability to work large, heavy pieces.

Vertical turning lathes (VTL) come in several different designs. High-performance options are available to create high-torque drives while adding the frame-style stability, allowing more significant support to increase overall accuracy in the final product.

Large models of vertical turning lathes come standard with heavy gears that provide the ability to remove materials at high speeds. The feeding apparatus ensures top-end vibration-free cutting, even when working on threading, intermittent cuts, heavy roughing, and grooving. Vertical lathes come in all sizes and offer chucks from 20 inches to over 13 feet.

A vertical turning lathe is known for its ability to quickly manufacture turned parts like bearing hubs, mag wheels, and gear blanks. Vertical turning lathes offer many advantages over their horizontal cousins: Loading parts is more manageable, and even very large parts can be handled without increasing the surface of the machine.


VTLs are typically large machines that are not designed for mass production. They are ideal for high-power cutting and the creation of large parts. One of the most significant advantages of VTL is the ability to add large, heavy workpieces and have them safely held in place effortlessly. Gravity keeps these parts in place, with little clamping needed. Vertical lathes that operate with the main spindle being used to load and unload are becoming more popular for their multitasking and efficient production capabilities.

Since the workpiece stands upright in a vertical turning lathe, they are ideal for turning large diameter heavy pieces that are short. Long pieces are best worked in a horizontal lathe. Parts turned by a vertical turning lathe can be large bearings, wheels, discs, aerospace parts, and more.

Vertical turning lathes generally take up much less space than their horizontal counterparts. Saving shop space is always an advantage and being able to increase productivity with faster chip removal and the ability to apply more cutting force because of the unique way the metal is held. Gravity keeps the object in place with little clamping required, making the ability to cut faster and with more pressure a considerable advantage over other techniques. When preparing to have materials lathed, we can get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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