Aerospace Rolled Rings and Forging

The aerospace industry involves all the activities related to the manufacturing, design, maintenance, and marketing of an aircraft. Forged rings, seamless rolled rings, and discs help in powering helicopter rotor assemblies and jet engines. Forged rings offer greater strength than flame-cut plates, castings, or weldments, making them a perfect option for aerospace operations. Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. is specialized in supplying its clients with high-quality and hard-to-find specialty metal items.

We work closely with top-rated and ISO-9002 certified manufacturers from North America, where our products are produced. We are a committed company providing rolled rings forgings of up to 8000 lbs and finished or rough-machined centrifugal castings. We also do supplies of custom-made piping components. If you are looking for any of these services, give us a call today!

What Are Aerospace Rolled Rings?

Aerospace rolled rings are high-end metallic products that are produced up to 22″ tall and 144″OD, in alloy steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel. The rolled rings are vital in industries where there is absolutely no room for error, and perfect precision or accuracy tolerance are major requirements. In the aerospace industry, rolled rings are used in helicopter rotor assemblies and jet engines.

What makes the rings a popular option in the aerospace industry is that they can provide greater strength and withstand extreme temperature fluctuations compared to weldments, castings, or flame-cut plates. There are usually three types of seamless rolled rings:

  1. Stainless rolled rings: Stainless rolled rings are steel products that are heat and corrosion resistant and contain about 10 to 12 % chromium besides other alloying components. They are often used for chemical and food processing applications.
  2. Alloy rolled rings: Alloy rolled rings are steels that contain extra alloying elements besides carbon to enhance their mechanical and physical properties. They are often used for bearing and gear applications.
  3. Carbon rolled rings: Carbon rolled rings are steels that contain up to 1.2% of carbon with other components present in small quantities. They are often used for pressure vessels and structural applications.

How Are Seamless Rolled Rings Used in the Aerospace Industry?

The aerospace industry is one of the few industries that put as much physical stress as possible on their parts. This is mainly because the parts in an aircraft are in constant stress from high-velocity rotations, constant stress from air pressure changes, and the normal stress by the flight physics.

For that reason, the aerospace industry uses seamless rolled rings in the manufacturing of major components such as fan housings, compressors, combustion chambers, turbines, and exhaust systems.

Aerospace forging companies often use rolled rings because they provide greater strength which it can maintain through higher temperature fluctuations. Seamless rolled rings are also used in powering jet engines.

With the rapid science progression, human beings are looking for a way to expand their world, and space exploration is growing in the industry. On that note, seamless rolled rings are very important components in some aerospace engineering activities.

For example, whenever aerospace companies are looking to get the best of their aircraft parts, seamless rolled rings always stand out and get the job done. The rings are used to make essential engine components such as the bearing and some aircraft pieces so that they can achieve the exact specs required for an aircraft to fly.

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