What are Large Diameter Steel Rings Formally Called?

What Are Large Diameter Steel Rings Formally Called

Large diameter steel ringsĀ are formally known in various industries as rolled rings or seamless forged rings. What are rolled rings, you ask? They are donut-shaped rings forged into shape by forming, machining, and grinding to acquire the finished product. The initial material is blank, net-shaped, or a solid wrought block. The end product, or rather […]

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3 Ways Rolled Rings are Used in the Oil and Gas Industry

3 Ways Rolled Rings Are Used In The Oil And Gas Industry

Seamless rolled rings can be used for lots of things, which makes them a critical part of so many industries. The oil and gas industry is one that uses rolled rings for several things. Not only are rolled rings used for the harvesting and storage of oil and gas, but they’re also used in the […]

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Vertical Turning Lathes (VTL) Machined Parts

Vertical turning lathes are commonly referred to as vertical turret lathes or VTLs. With VTLs, gravity assists with removing chips and keeping the workpiece clean. The benefits of using a vertical lathe over a horizontal lathe include the ability to work large, heavy pieces. Vertical turning lathes (VTL) come in several different designs. High-performance options […]

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3 Ways Rolled Rings are Used in the Aviation Industry

Rolled Ringd

Rolled rings are a crucial part of so many industries, including the aviation industry. Seamless rolled rings are donut-shaped pieces of metal that are used for everything from bearings to flanges. In the aviation industry, seamless rolled rings must be manufactured to precise specs in order to do their job, which makes them even more […]

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6 Common Industries Where Seamless Rolled Rings are Used

Rolled Rings

Seamless rolled rings are a staple in several industries, even if the average person doesn’t know what they are. Here are six of the industries where seamless rolled rings are most commonly used, so you can get a better idea of just how important these pieces of steel are. Gear Blank Manufacturing Before gears can […]

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