Cliffe Metal Products Inc. is a company that deals with supplying industries with hard-to-find and durable metals. We only supply metals that are produced in North America by ISO-9002 certified manufacturers. We leverage the power of the long-standing partnerships we have with producers to bring our clients only quality metal items and machinery parts expediently and at affordable and competitive prices.

Industries Served

We serve a variety of industries and especially industries that use seamless rolled ring forging. Rolled rings are used in engines, turbines, and other metal parts such as gearboxes, clutches, drives, bearings, and many more.  We offer centrifugal casting, rolled ring forging, and open die forging required in sectors such as power generation, aviation, oil and gas, construction and mining, semiconductors, industrial machinery, wind power, and aerospace industries. We only deal with high-quality specialty metals made in the United States.

Power Generation Industry

Our specialists have worked with several repair shops in over 40 countries and also deals with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to help maintain the power generation industry running. These rolled rings are used in many parts of the power generation machines. We offer to manufacture rolled rings with custom-fit specifications and tough enough to help keep power plants running. If you need tough and custom-made rolled rings, be sure to reach us for more information.

Aviation Industry

For aircraft to withstand the harsh conditions of the air, they must be built with strong and durable parts of the machines. Every aircraft relies on rolled rings and forged items for everything from gears and bearings to crucial engine components. The aviation industry greatly benefits from seamless rolled rings since they are stronger than welded rings. Since 1972, Cliffe Metal Products in Inc. has helped the aviation industry keep planes safe in the sky by providing the much-needed tough and durable metal alloys for aircraft and other aviation machinery construction.

Wind Power Industry

To produce sustainable energy from wind power, there are lots of moving machine parts that need to be involved. Therefore, the industry relies on strong and durable seamless rolled rings for the sector to be productive. We have the expertise to manufacture the precise seamless rolled rings to be used in wind turbines and other areas requiring tough metal products.

Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery Cannot be reliable if not made with strong and durable metal. For years, we have specialized in supplying forged products and other hard-to-find metals for industrial machinery. Therefore, if you are interested in any industrial machinery or metal parts, we are here for you; contact us!

Construction and Mining Industry

Cliffe Metal Products have for years supplied the construction and mining industry with various forged metal products for replacement parts and construction. We understand the quality of metal needed in this industry that uses heavy machinery. You can definitely trust us for all your construction and mining products.

Oil and Gas Industry

We acknowledge the fact that the oil and gas industry equipment have critical and complex characteristics and the need for tough and durable products is high. Therefore, at Cliffe Metal Products Inc., we serve the industry with high-quality forgings, seamless rolled rings, and custom-made piping components that meet the specific requirements of this industry. Reach us if you need any of our oil and gas industry services.

Semiconductor Industry

We know that the semiconductor industry is complex, yet it’s an ever-changing industry. We, therefore, provide the industry with quality forgings of both aluminum and steel to ensure that users of semiconductors benefit from the efficiency of high-quality products.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace engines are complex machines that use rolled rings made of nickel and titanium alloy. We understand the importance of making quality metal products for this industry, and we never compromise on this. We are adequately experienced and have the expertise to create seamless rolling rings for complex aerospace turbines and other tough metals required for this industry.

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The above industries are the major ones in our world today. Without one, the world would not function as intended. As Cliffe Metal Products Inc., we do everything in our power that we provide these industries with the best quality metal parts. For more information, call us at (513) 574-7600 or complete our online form.