Centrifugal Castings For Large Aluminum Semiconductors

Cliffe Metal Products, Inc is an ISO-9002 certified metal supplier that has been in the industry for more than four decades. We specialize in high-quality, hard-to-find metal items and machined parts. This includes large VTL and CNC lathe machined parts and machining, respectively.

We strive to maintain high-quality standards in all our production processes and products, our collaborations with you ensure your needs come to reality within the shortest time possible.  Whether you need our rolled rings for Atomic Layer Deposition, Physical Vapor Deposition, Mask Data Preparation, Front End Process, Wet/Dry Etch, Dielectric Etch be sure not to source your semiconductor rolled rings from us, as we guarantee the best.

Let’s explain to you all about aluminum semiconductor forging as well as rolled rings.

Semiconductor Forging

Chipmakers and the OEMs that work with them expect the highest levels of quality. We collaborate closely with the world’s leading OEMs and their suppliers. To achieve equality between products on every production cycle, we comprehend and implement “copy exact” manufacturing methods. Our technological knowledge enables us to produce quality aluminum forged semiconductors.

The aluminum semiconductor forging process we use encompasses high-end technology, shape versatility, and technical engineering processes. This ensures all fabrications, forging, and final products are of superior quality and at the same time maintaining consistency.

Seamless Rolled Rings

Seamless rolled rings are rings that are made using the ring rolling technique. A piece of equipment known as a rolling mill is used in this procedure, and it may result in rings of various diameters and weights.

Cutting to the appropriate size is the first step in the rolled ring-making process before we round it on the presses of an open die. After that, the now-round piece is upset and pierced to transform it into a preform. This preform is used to create a doughnut-shaped component that is ready to be put on the rolling mill.

Stainless Rolled Rings

Our stainless steel rolled rings are heat and corrosion-resistant, and they contain a chromium percentage of between 10 and 12. In most cases, they are applicable in the chemical and food processing industries.

You can use them in place of ASTM A240 and A276. Below are some advantages of stainless rolled rings:

  • The production process that entails forging the ring grains in radial patterns increases their structural integrity hence their superior quality.
  • They do not require inventory; hence you don’t have to stock plates of various thicknesses.
  • They are cost-effective in production because their production process eliminates layout procedures, costly handling and reduces production time.
  • There is no waste arising from plate drops during production.

Carbon Rolled Rings

The carbon rolled rings we manufacture consist of 1.2% carbon with other elements in low quantities hence negligible impact on the properties of the finished product. They are applicable to pressure vessels and structural applications.

They are a better choice in the applications mentioned above compared to ASTM specifications like A36, A106, and A516. Below is an outline of their advantages:

  • High structural ring integrity, thus the superior quality of the rings
  • Lower production cost
  • Less production time with no wastage during the production process
  • No need to stock up on various plate thicknesses, leave alone an inventory.

Alloy Rolled Rings

The alloy steel rings are composed of steel and other alloy elements to enhance mechanical and physical properties. Alloy also increases the rings’ response to heat treatment. The final product is resistant to fatigue due to strength enhancement from its properties.

Their common applications are bearings and gears. Besides, they are also applicable to various industrial applications. Here is a brief of their advantages:

  • High structural integrity, which translates to superior quality
  • No inventory requirements
  • Less production cost and reduced production time with no wastage

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