Rolled Ring Forging

Rolled rings are forged metal that can be used in several applications. Open die and seamless rolled ring metal forging are created to meet specific industrial needs, with various sizes and weight tolerances. Valve bodies, track wheels, fittings, gear blanks, and special shapes are all custom shapes we can provide. We keep an inventory of mandrel rolled ring metal forgings with a diameter up to a maximum of 70” and 16” minimum ID. They come in a maximum length of 65” up to 25,000 pounds.

The rolled ring creation process

The creation process starts with a preformed circular metal that has already been pierced to make a hollow doughnut. The metal is then heated above the metal recrystallization temperature before moving on the mandrel or idler roll. Once in place, the roll is pressed as it moves toward a drive roll that rotates the metal to reduce its wall thickness, increasing the inner and outer diameter thickness.Seamless configurations can vary from flat parts resembling washers to taller cylindrical shapes. The cylindrical shapes vary in height from less than an inch to more than nine feet. Wall thickness variance to height ranges from 1:16 up to 16:1. Special processing can produce higher proportions. Seamless rolled rings are considered more durable and stronger than other types because they have no seams that could fail.

Working with open die forging of rings has been done for centuries. The process used a mandrel and a forging hammer. Creating a perfectly forged ring on a mandrel was incredibly challenging. However, hammer and mandrel forged rings were often rough and took extra materials to finish. Using another option for creating rings is to cut plate metal, roll into a ring, then weld the seam. Cutting plate metal to create rings is generally less expensive but can have some drawbacks. Mechanical failures are common because the lower quality of the rings and placing them under intense pressure shortens their lifespan significantly. Cliffe Metal Products uses the mandrel forging process and the seamless rolled ring process. Mandrel forging has come a long way from its roots, with our rings being of the highest quality and durability.

Seamless rolled rings can be produced using several different types of metals and materials. Superalloys, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium are commonly used to make seamless rolled rings. As technology has advanced, so has the strength and durability of rolled rings. Durability is critical when large scale machinery is involved. A broken ring can cause significant delays, causing the loss of time and profit. With the state of competition rising every day, profit tables are narrowing more and more. Losing even one day of productivity can be devastating.

What are Rolled Rings Commonly Used for?

Rolled rings are used in a wide range of applications. Seamless versions are used to create gears, flanges, clutches, bearings, and valves. There are several more applications they can be used in as well. Seamless versions are vital components in several industries such as the aviation and automotive sectors. Jet engines and turbines, helicopter gearboxes, and almost everything in the automotive sector involve some type of rolled rings. Seamless rings are generally required in the aviation industry.Seamless rolled rings are standard components in almost every industry. Gear and bearing products to working within the food industry involve some sort of rolled ring. Designed for use in harsh, high-pressure environments like reactors, power generation, shipbuilding, mining, and wind turbines, the seamless rings must be highly durable and incredibly strong to last.

Pipeline connections, forged flanges, and hydraulic fracturing are just a portion of the uses in the oil and gas industry. With the high strength and durability of seamless rolled rings, they make the perfect component for undersea pipeline connections and oil and gas exploration.

At Cliffe Metal Products, we offer a variety of mandrel rings and seamless rings. Custom shapes for valve bodies, gear blanks, fittings, and more are available for your needs. The specific metals we offer seamless rolled ring forging in are:

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