Aviation Rolled Rings

Rolled Rings For The Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is one of many that relies on seamless rolled rings on a regular basis. From gears and bearings to critical engine components, rolled rings and forged products are an essential part of every aircraft.

Precise Manufacturing

Precision is key in the aviation industry. Everything must be manufactured to exact specifications in order for an aircraft to fly, let alone operate at maximum efficiency. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the gearbox and engine of an aircraft, which are two of the parts where seamless rolled rings and forged products are most commonly used. Because seamless rolled rings can be made to precise specs, they’re commonly used for critical aircraft components.

Strength and Durability

Not only can seamless rolled rings and forged products be precisely manufactured, but they’re also a lot stronger than products that are cast or welded. This difference in strength is important when you consider that these parts play a role in preventing mechanical failure thousands of feet in the sky. Every aircraft relies on seamless rolled rings to provide that strength and durability that’s necessary to withstand the harsh conditions of a flight.

Jet Engines & Turbines

Jet engines keep massive machines in the air, so even a brief engine problem can spell disaster for a jet. Seamless rolled rings and forged products help ensure that jet engine failure isn’t a worry through strength and precision. Bearings, gears and other critical engine parts are made using rolled rings because every part has to be precise. 

Helicopter Gearboxes

Helicopters might not carry as many passengers as jets typically do, but keeping them in the air is still just as important. Just like any aircraft, helicopters aren’t easy to manufacture or fly. Fortunately, seamless rolled ring manufacturing plays a key role in helicopter gearboxes, so pilots can rely on these gearboxes to work under the harshest conditions.

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