Carbon Steel Rolled Rings

We deliver our carbon steel rolled rings on time and on-spec. Our customers trust us with their business needs because we have been successfully supplying different metal products for over 40 years. Cliffe Metal Products works with you to deliver high-quality carbon steel rolled rings that meet and exceed your needs.
Carbon steel rolled rings are an excellent option for applications that don’t require the strength and cost of stainless steel. These products are typically used for structural applications, along with pressure vessel uses. We provide several grades of carbon steel to fit your specific demands.

Advantages of Carbon Steel Rolled Rings

Carbon steel rolled rings offer practical, tangible benefits that will save you time and money. The forging process strengthens the steel, making it more durable. Forged carbon steel rolled rings will save you time and money due to the nature of the product.Carbon steel is a cost-effective alternative that will work in several applications. When deciding on the type of metal required for the application, it is likely that carbon steel is a good option.

The strength obtained in the forging process forces porosity from the metal and creates a consistent grain flow. With added strength comes a lower chance of part failure. The forging process also makes the rings to exacting tolerances, providing you with the highest-quality rings for your application needs.

Carbon steel rolled rings are available in a wide range of sizes, from a few inches up to 144 inches. Along with size, the shape design has unlimited possibilities.
Working with a seamless rolled ring allows us to provide you with as many or as few rolled rings as you need. We forge each piece to your requested specs and will deliver the product at those specs.

The makeup of plain carbon steel (10XX) makes it a good option for welding. It has a low alloy content and high carbon level that provides a good level of surface hardness. Sulfur is combined with the carbon in low carbon steel (11XX). The addition improves the machinability of low carbon steel.
High carbon steel will give you the lower cost of carbon steel, but with added magnesium to increase its hardness. Heat treatment and welding of this metal are possible to attain a higher hardness level.
The A-grade carbon steel options are ideal for the oil field industry as they are corrosion resistant. The A grade rolled rings have additional alloys added to improve their hardness. These are typically used in applications where you intend to weld.


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