Rolled Rings for The Power Generation Industry

By working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and repair shops in over 40 countries, Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. helps keep the power industry alive. Keep reading to find out more about how rolled rings play a major part in the power industry.

Power Generation

You might not know it, but seamless rolled rings are an essential part of all sorts of machines, including some used for power generation. Whether these rings are used to make bearings, gears, or any other part, they play a crucial role in the operation of power generation equipment.

Extremely Tough

In order to create energy at an industrial power plant, a lot of heat must also be created. These extreme conditions can damage some materials, but seamless rolled rings are tough enough to stand up to the rigors of the power generation industry. Since power is something that people everywhere need at all times, we have to manufacture the best seamless rolled rings to keep plants up and running.


At Cliffe Metal Products, Inc., we know what it takes to create the best seamless rolled rings. Our seamless rolled rings are designed to pass inspections and meet all power generation industry standards, which makes it easier for plant operators and repair shops to find the best industry-grade materials.

Custom Fit

Every power generation plant has different precise needs, and we do our best to meet all those needs. We can manufacture seamless rolled rings to custom specifications to make sure you can find a product that fits your needs. Plus, you never have to worry about us compromising on quality since each seamless rolled ring is made from the same high-quality materials with quality in mind.

Precise measurements are important when it comes to power generation, which is why precisely manufactured seamless rolled rings are important. The good news is, Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. has power generation plants covered when it comes to seamless rolled rings. If you’re looking for seamless rolled rings that are expertly forged to meet precise specs and stand the test of time, Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. has you covered. Contact us today!