Pressure Vessel Rolled Rings & Forging

When it comes to extreme conditions, it doesn’t get much more extreme than a pressure vessel. These vessels are used in compressed gas cylinders, refrigerator compressors and more. Due to the extreme conditions a pressure vessel creates, reliability and durability are key when it comes to pressure vessel components. This is why pressure vessel rolled rings are an essential part of a good pressure vessel.
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Carbon Rolled Rings

Carbon rolled rings are the most common type of rolled ring used in pressure vessels because they have excellent strength and durability and are an affordable solution. In addition to pressure vessel applications, carbon rolled rings are also used in structural applications due to their strength.

Alloy Rolled Rings

Alloy rolled rings are another popular type of rolled ring, but they’re more commonly used for gear and bearing applications. Alloy rolled rings provide excellent strength and durability in a fairly affordable package, which makes them a popular choice for lots of things. While these rings aren’t typically used in pressure vessels, they may be in some cases.

Superior Durability & Reliability

Pressure vessels can be very dangerous. When you have a liquid or gas under extreme pressure, a lot can go wrong if a part fails. Seamless rolled rings offer superior durability and reliability, which are both essential properties in pressure vessels. Rolled rings reduce the risk of pressure vessel failure, which saves you time and money while maintaining a safe environment around the vessel.

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Seamless rolled rings play an essential role in the manufacture of many products, including pressure vessels. Rolled rings offer the strength and durability that’s necessary in pressure vessels without compromising on other important properties. If you need seamless rolled rings for a pressure vessel or any other application, contact Cliffe Metal Products to learn more about our products today.