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Since 1979, Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. has specialized in supplying customers with hard-to-find specialty metal items, produced in North America by ISO-9002 certified manufacturers. Our products include rough- or finished-machined centrifugal castings, as well as rolled ring forgings up to 8000 lbs. and open-die forgings up to 25,000 pounds. We can also supply custom-made piping components! Give us a call today to learn more.

Castings, Forgings, Large Machined Parts and Specialty Metal Products

Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. has specialized in hard-to-find specialty metal items and machined parts that are all produced in North America and by manufacturers that are ISO-9002 certified. As a manufacturer’s representative based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we leverage our longstanding partnerships with reputable producers to bring our customers the parts and components they need, expediently and at a competitive price.

We supply centrifugal castings that are both rough-machined or finished-machined to-spec.. Open die forgings are available up to 25,000 lbs. Our rolled ring forgings can be produced up to 144″OD and 22″ tall, with a maximum weight of 8000 lbs., in carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel. We also supply custom made piping components machined to the customers’ drawings.

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The capabilities of our machine shops also include large VTL machined parts and large CNC lathe machining, with tolerances that open up a broad range of specifications. Tell us your needs and we’ll collaborate to bring them to fruition. Most importantly, we maintain a superior reputation for on time delivery. Backed by the unbeatable quality of the products we supply, there’s no reason to look beyond Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. for rolled ring forgings, centrifugal castings, open die forgings, large custom machined parts and metal spun parts! Call or email us today to discuss your needs.

We’re known for sourcing only the finest-quality specialty metal parts.
Our procurement and delivery are unbeatable, and we always act with expedience.
We work with proven North American manufacturers that are certified ISO-9002.
Our parts and products are available in a broad array of alloy types.
In business since 1979

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Our strong relationship with reputable North American manufacturers has made Cliffe Metal Products, Inc. the premier resource for machined parts and specialty metal products. Call today!

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